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Rental Conditions

Article 1 Payment

  1. The rent is determined on the basis of the applicable rates.
  2. The deposit must be paid in cash in advance. These are listed on www.mhverhuur.nl.
  3. The rental price will be settled with the deposit afterwards.
  4. MH Verhuur reserves the right to not (partially) refund the deposit if the rented material is returned damaged or if the rented material can’t be transferred to MH Verhuur in time.
  5. If the damage to the material exceeds the deposit, MH Verhuur submits a claim for the remaining damage.
  6. The new price will be charged in case of total damage.
  7. MH Verhuur is not responsible for not being able to use the rented products for any reason.

Article 2 Rental period

  1. The rented products can only be picked up and returned by appointment.
  2. The rental period is the period between the pick up and the return of the products.
  3. If the rental period is exceeded because they have not been delivered on time, the rent will continue until the time of delivery of the rented products. The extra rent is determined on the basis of the applicable rates.
  4. Renewing the rental period is only possible after permission from MH Verhuur. At the then applicable rates.
  5. After the delivery of the rented products before the agreed date, the rental agreement is terminated and the rates that are then agreed between the tenant and MH Verhuur apply.
  6. The rented products must be returned to the agreed location.
  7. Costs during the rental period such as repairs and maintenance are at the expense of the tenant.

Article 3 Use

  1. The rented products must be returned in the condition in which the rented products were received.
  2. The rented products must be treated with the utmost care. All precautions must be taken to prevent damage, loss and / or theft.
  3. Bicycles must be locked and must be stored inside.

Article 4 Damage, theft, loss, injury, risk and liability

  1. The tenant is liable for damage and loss of the rented products.
  2. The rented products are rented entirely at your own risk. MH Verhuur can not be held liable in any way for any bodily injury to persons and for all damage to property of the tenant.
  3. The tenant is fully legally liable for all damage caused by the tenant to third parties and will indemnify MH Verhuur from this.
  4. MH Verhuur does not reimburse any repair costs incurred by other companies.

Article 5 Personal data

Personal details of the tenant are processed to execute the agreement and to provide optimal service.

Article 6 Reservation, change and cancellation

1. Reservations can be canceled free of charge up to 14 days before the start of the rental period.

2. If cancellation is made within 14 days before the start of the rental period, MH Verhuur reserves the right to still invoice 50% of the rental amount.

3. If 7 days before or on the same day of the rental period is canceled, MH Verhuur reserves the right to invoice 100% of the rental price.

MH Verhuur

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