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FAQ Bikebox

How much does it cost to take the bikebox on the plane? This depends on the airline and on the destination. The costs are usually between €20 and €80 each way. Check the airline’s website for the exact amount in advance.

What to do in case of damage? Take photos of the damage and report the damage immediately at the airport to the airline so that a damage report can be drawn up. Damage is often reimbursed up to approximately €1200 as standard. If additional travel insurance has been taken out in advance, you will be reimbursed much more.

Bike box or Bike bag? The big advantage of a bikebox is that it protects the bicycle very well. The big advantage of a bikebag is that it is considerably easier to pack and lighter. In addition, a bikebag is easier to store, because it is foldable.

Additional tips 1: Book the ticket with the bikebox at least 48 hours in advance. 2: Start packing the bikebox on time. Rent it a day before departure so that you can pack without stress.

How should I pack my bikebox? Watch the instruction video’s about packing a bikebox by the productpage. All bikeboxes come with a step-by-step explanation.